1st May - Traditionally the start of summer

In France the first of May is the traditional holiday for the workers. It also signifies the start of the summer season.

The weather in April can sometimes be changeable with clouds and rain. From the 1st May the sun starts to shine, the bird calls change as the migratory birds return to their summer homes. The scops owls can be heard at night (twooing at one another). There is not a 'twit' with the scops owls only a 'twoo'. 

The lizards start their serious sunbathing on sunny walls. Only spotted when they run as you walk past.

The holidaymakers start to arrive at the popular beach resorts. "Moules and frites" signs (mussels and chips) start to appear outside bars and cafes. In the ports, the boat owners can be found scrubbing down their boats before taking them for a 'spin' on the calm seas of the Mediterranean. Below is a photo taken last weekend of one such boat departing from the port at Valras Plage.



A year ago this month

A year ago this month we had the honour of welcoming an American family to Maison les Hirondelles. The Dosch family stayed with us for 2 months and together with various friends and family members spend an enjoyable time exploring the region and generally enjoying their time in our French village.

Whilst here, Lynn wrote a blog of her experiences. Below we enclose a link to the months relevant to her holiday:



The New Trompe-l'oeil is offically 'inaugurated'.

New Trompe L'oeil, Thézan lès BéziersLe trompe-l'oeil


The new Trompe l'oeil in Thezan has won a prize in the National competition for Trompe l'oeils in France. This called for a celebration with the Mayor presenting the painted wall to the villagers. Followed inevitably, of course, by a drink and a bite to eat. 

Having seen the new painting we still the prefer the one at the top of our street! However here is a photo of the new painting



 Trompe l'oeil at Thezan les Beziers

Below is the original wall painting proudly displayed at the top or 'our' road.




Summer will come

The Springtime in southfrance is wonderfull. You must have personally experienced ...

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